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Rubberband girl
le samourai - delon
brettopia wrote in gaffa
Director's cut seems like a mix to me. Some revisions vastly improve the original song, or bring out a different element. Some are just nice because of different (better) instrumentation or mixing. This Woman's Work particularly strikes me as something that, while not replacing the original, may outshine it in the long term.

But...Rubberband Girl, I just don't understand. The new instrumentation is okay, but the lead vocal is completely muddled and the backing vocals stripped away.

I can't fathom why she would pick to use THIS version over, say, restoring Why Should I Love You? Is it just personal taste--are there folks out there who enjoy it?

Anyways, I really have enjoyed listening to the new record, and hope every else it as well!

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I don't think this really counts as its own album so I wouldn't be too depressed, just hoping for legitimately new material at some point.

Agreed -- to me, the new disc just seems like a detour into a personal obsession (which she apparently felt proud of enough to share with the music-buying public), rather than a permanent change in direction.

As for new material, this certainly gives me hope: :)


Ooh, thank you for that link! "I'm very much engrossed in trying to making new material" definitely sounds promising! LOVEHERSOMUCH. :3

Listening to Never Be Mine now; the changes are subtle but really work, and the new vocal is so heartfelt and differs enough that this version feels like a worthwhile addition. I wasn't such a fan of Deeper Understanding, though - the longer remixed version felt to me like diluting orange juice: there's more of it, but it's not necessarily tastier.

I agree with you about This Woman's Work; it feels like an interesting treatment of the song. Flower of the Mountain I need to listen to again...

My sentiments exactly on "Never Be Mine." :)

I'm also pretty much agreed on "Deeper Understanding" -- although I liked the idea of having the computerized voice on the chorus, I don't think the song needed to be that long.

As for "This Woman's Work," I wouldn't say it's an improvement over the original, but it could stand proudly beside it.

I'm glad I got to hear this on NPR before buying! I wouldn't mind having this eventually, but I'm not as gung-ho about getting it as I was when I first heard about the project -- I'll probably wait for it to come down in price or until I can get a used copy.

I don't know if I could ever get used to "Flower of the Mountain," hearing virtually the same music as "The Sensual World" but with different (James Joyce-derived) lyrics. It may have been what Kate had originally intended for the song, but I'd be lying if I said it didn't freak me out a little!

I was more impressed with what she did for the tracks from The Red Shoes (though I'm still not a fan of "Song of Solomon" -- I always thought that one dragged) than from The Sensual World. My initial thoughts:

1) "The Red Shoes" and "Lily" seemed to fit in better here, their musical arrangements having more muscle without the performances veering into melodrama;

2) "And So is Love" and "Top of the City" sound much better without TRS' rather tinny production; ditto "Rubberband Girl" -- speaking of which...

3) "Rubberband Girl" reminded me a bit of a Rolling Stones song in its new, rockier arrangement (I'm thinking a cross between "Brown Sugar" and "Street Fighting Man" with a dash of "Start Me Up"), so I'm wondering if Kate's slurred, muffled vocal was also intended as some sort of Stones homage; and

4) I was most pleasantly surprised by "Moments of Pleasure," its orchestrations stripped away to lay bare the emotions of the song itself.

I'm really nervous to hear this album, particular the Sensual World retakes because I just adored those songs and feel very protective over them. :/

Fab icon btw!

anyone know if kate is aware of the technical cock-up with the pressings??? i know that the vinyl transfer got delayed but... ???

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