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Kate Bush Covers
Stoned SP
daddi_cade wrote in gaffa

Many artists around the world have recorded cover versions of Kate Bush songs. These have ranged stylisticaly from pop and rock to dance and metal versions.

ACO: "This Woman's Work" (2001)
ADSR: "Jig Of Life"
The Affordable Floors: "The Big Sky" (1995)
Alisa Wolfe: "Feel It" (2000)
The Amalgamates: "Running Up That Hill" (1994), "The Man With The Child In His Eyes" (1991)
Tori Amos: "And Dream of Sheep" (in various live performances), "Running Up That Hill" (partially covered in live concerts) (some recorded on bootlegs)
Gabrielle Angelique: "Wuthering Heights"
Angra: "Wuthering Heights" (regular version (1993), Speed Metal Version, live unplugged (1997))
Anything: "Cloudbusting" (1996)
Ataraxia: "La Nuova Margherita" (loosely covered "Wuthering Heights") (Italian) (1996)
Steve Ball: "Running Up That Hill" (2003)
Bart And Friends: "Hounds Of Love" (2001)
Pat Benatar: "Wuthering Heights" (1980)
Big Audio Dynamite: "Wuthering Heights" (sample)
Masha Bijlsma Band: "The Man With The Child In His Eyes" (1998)
Bill Jones Band: "Never Be Mine" (2002)
Jane Birkin: "Mother Stands For Comfort" (2006)
Blue Pearl: "Running Up That Hill" (David Gilmour) (1990)
Bluebottle Kiss: "Hounds Of Love" (1997)
Brigid Boden: "The Man With The Child In His Eyes"
Clay Broome: "Cloudbusting" (19??)
Brother Venus with Laura Harding: "Running Up That Hill" (regular and Miss Dusty O Mix)
The Browne Sisters and George Cavanaugh: "Wuthering Heights" (2004)
Claudia Brucken and Andrew Poppy: "Running Up That Hill" (2005)
Cartouche: "Running Up That Hill" (Club Vocal Mix, Dance Mix, radio mix, Remix 97) (1997)
Charlotte Church: "The Man With the Child In His Eyes" (2005)
Charlotte Martin: "Cloudbusting" (2004), "This Woman's Work" (live Hotel Café (Hollywood CA)) (2003 Aug 5)
The Chasers: "The Man With The Child In His Eyes" (1994)
China Drum: "Wuthering Heights" (1996)
Christine Collister: "The Man With The Child In His Eyes" (2005)
Mazi Cohen: "Army Dreamers" ("Shem Ba'even") ("Name On Stone") (1992)
Natalie Cole: "The Man With The Child In His Eyes" (on the Arsenio Hall Show) (1991), studio version (Leavin') (2006)
Julie Covington and Richard Thompson: "The Kick Inside" (1978)
Alicia Dara: "And Dream of Sheep" (a capella)
Dark Orange: "The Man With The Child In His Eyes" (1992)
Deadline Poet (with Amy Malkoff): "Running Up That Hill" (1996)
Claudia de Booche: "The Big Sky" (original Ciao Baby Mix, original Dance Mix, Radio Edit, Tony Henderson Mix)
The Decemberists: "Wuthering Heights" (in various live performances)
Kiki Dee & Carmelo Luggeri: "Running Up That Hill" (2005)
Deirdre Cartwright group: "Wuthering Heights" (2004)
Judy Dinning and Dave Smith: "The Man With The Child In His Eyes"
Distance: "Running Up That Hill" (Perfect Beat Remix) (1998)
DJ Fil OK: "Waking The Witch" (sampling) (DJ mix) (at Nag Nag Nag)
DJ Orkidea: "Still Dream" (Cloudbusting cover)
Cristina Donà: "Wuthering Heights" (2004) (Italian) (Rock 'n' Roll Recollection)
Shelley Doty: "L'Amour Looks Something Like You" (1997)
Mila Drumke: "Under the Ivy" (1997)
Susan Egan: "Wuthering Heights" (2004)
Margrét Eir: "Heiðin há" ("Wuthering Heights") (Icelandic) (2003)
Elastic Band (Alex Party): "Running Up That Hill" (full and edit versions) (1994)
Elastic No-No Band: "Wuthering Heights" (in various live performances, 2007)
Tetê Espíndola: "Wuthering Heights" (1985)
E-Z Posse: "Child In His Eyes" (sample)
Faith And The Muse: "Running Up That Hill" (2001)
Danielle French: "Running Up That Hill" (2003)
Frente: "Hounds Of Love" (2005)
Maria Friedman: "The Man With The Child In His Eyes" (1995)
The Futureheads: "Hounds of Love" (2005)
Future Trance: "Running Up That Hill" (19??)
Gene-Manuel: "Under the Ivy" (2005)
The Good 2 Bad and Hugly: "Wuthering Heights"
Ellen Green and Christian Klikovits: "The Man With The Child In His Eyes" (2004)
May Harold: "Wuthering Heights" (1979)
Hits Machine Unlimited: "Wuthering Heights" (Top Hits Of The Year) (for 1978)
Hue And Cry: "The Man With The Child In His Eyes" (1989) (live, Violently)
Hybrid: "Experiment IV" (2002)
Icon And The Black Roses: "Running Up That Hill" (2004)
Inside Moves: "The Man With the Child In His Eyes" (1992)
Isadar: "Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)" (2006)
Lee Kaay: "December Will Be Magic Again" (2001), "This Woman's Work"
Kate's Project: "Wuthering Eights" [sic] (Interface Club Mix, Tendential Mix, Kate's Deep Beat) (1993)
Kate Bush vs Infusion: "Running Up That Hill" (2003)
Kiki and Herb): "This Woman's Work" (live), "Moments Of Pleasure" (live), "Running Up That Hill" (live) (2002), "The Saxophone Song" (live)
Jan Kolar: "Wuthering Heights" (instrumental) (2002)
Gabriela Kulka: "Feel It" (2003), "Top Of The City"
Auburn Lane: "The Morning Fog" (2002)
Levy 9: "Running Up That Hill" (Mix 1, 7-inch Mix, RMX-Street 9 Mix, Running Dream, RMX-Running Mix, RMX-Hill Mix, Dreaming Mix) (1995)
Libido: "Running Up That Hill" (1997)
Ben Liebrand: "Running Up That Hill" (remix)
Danielle Lubene: "December Will Be Magic Again" (2001)
Marianne And Me: "Wuthering Heights" (1994)
The Married Monk: "Moving" (1996)
Mia Martini: "Cime Tempestose" ("Wuthering Heights") (Italian) (1983)
Maxwell: "This Woman's Work" (live MTV Unplugged (Europe) (1997), studio version Now (2001))
Modern Girls: "Sat In Your Lap"
Pierre Moulin: "Wuthering Heights" (instrumental) (1981)
Maarten Mourik: "Deeper Understanding" (2001)
Mr. Conte featuring Laura Valente: "Wuthering Heights" (2004)
Mr. Floppy: "Wuthering Heights" (regular version, trance mix (instrumental)) (The Incredible Lightness Of Being A Dickhead) (1992)
Mr. Sirius) (Japanese band in English: "Babooshka"
Yoichi Murata; "L'Amour Looks Something Like You" (2003)
Albert Niland: "Wuthering Heights" (2004)
Novembre (vocals Anne-Mari Edvardsen): "Cloudbusting" (2001)
Paul Oakenfold: "Running Up That Hill" (sampled)
Majella O'Shea: "The Man With The Child In His Eyes"
Páll Óskar: "Feel It" (1995)
Pageant: "James And The Cold Gun" (1987)
Marion Pagels And Band: "Wuthering Heights" (1989)
Particle Salad: "The Morning Fog" (2004)
Alan Partridge (Steve Coogan): medley: "Them Heavy People," "The Man With The Child In His Eyes," "Wuthering Heights," "Don't Give Up," "Babooshka"
Glen Phillips: "Mother Stands For Comfort" (Largo (Los Angeles)) (2003 Jun 04)
Point Of Departure: "The Man With The Child In His Eyes" (1992)
Placebo: "Running Up That Hill" (2003)
The Puppini Sisters: "Wuthering Heights" (2006)
Quaker Notes: "This Woman's Work" (2000)
Rachel Z: "This Woman's Work" (2005)
Ra Ra Riot: "Hounds Of Love"
Ray Shell: "Them Heavy People" (Kate on BVs; and semi-instrumental version) (1981)
Red Legs: "Babooshka"
Hollis Resnik: "This Woman's Work"
James Reyne: "Wuthering Heights" (2000) (live) (Andrew Denton Breakfast Show Musical Challenge)
Happy Rhodes: "little light" (from beginning of "And Dream Of Sheep")
Rock Follies: "Wow"
Ros: "Wuthering Heights" (2001)
Dave Rummans: "Running Up That Hill" (2004)
Ruthie Henshall: "The Man With The Child In His Eyes" (2001)
Sandra King: "The Man With The Child In His Eyes"
Mike Scott: "Why Should I Love You" (1997)
Andy Smith: "The Man With The Child In His Eyes"
Solar Moon System: "Running Up That Hill" (2000)
The Sonny Sharrock Band: "Kate (Variations On A Theme By Kate Bush)" (1990)
Speedbliss: "Candle in the Wind" (Kate Bush cover sampled)
Dusty Springfield: "The Man With The Child In His Eyes" (live) (1979)
Debra Stephenson: "Babooshka" (2005)
Sweatysuedelips: "Running Up That Hill" (2001)
Sweep (featuring Linda Carriere): "Running Up That Hill" (DuMonde Mix, Jam's Labyrinth mix, Dumonde Radio Edit, Jam El Mar Mix, Longlane Mix, 2fr (CH) Mix, Frigor's Cut, Radio Edit, Laser Mix 1993)
The Sweptaways: "Wuthering Heights"
Swimmer One: "Cloudbusting"
Tabarruk: "Hounds Of Love" (1993)
Terra: "Under the Ivy" (199?)
Thee Heavenly Music Association: "Running Up That Hill" (2005)
Tilt!: "Running Up That Hill" (1992)
Top of the Pops: "Wuthering Heights" "The Man With The Child In His Eyes" (1978)
Treble: "This Woman's Work" (2002)
Tronik: "Experiment IV" (Hybrid Remix)
The Twilight Singers: "Cloudbusting" (live (and studio?))
The Tufts University Jackson Jills: "This Woman's Work" (1992)
The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain: "Wuthering Heights" (????)
Ultrawave: "Running Up That Hill" (Seduction Mix, Vocal Mix)
Unwoman: "Deeper Understanding" (2002)
Utah Saints: "Something Good" (130 bpm, Kate Bush Remix, Razormaid Mix, live (Top Of The Pops) (1992 May 04)) ("Cloudbusting" sampled)
Valen Hsu (Xu Ru Yun): "Yibaige Huangyan" ("101 Lies") ("The Man With The Child In His Eyes"), "Moving" (Mandarin) (1996)
Valensia: "Them Heavy People," "Wuthering Heights" (live)
Liz Van Dort: "The Man With The Child In His Eyes" (live 2005 - see [Liz's MySpace page])
Velvet Belly: "The Man With the Child In His Eyes" (2000)
Gil Ventura: "Wuthering Heights" (1978)
Vietnam): "Army Dreamers"
Visnja: "Wuthering Heights"
Vocal Line: "And Dream Of Sheep" (1996)
Vocal Line: "Wuthering Heights" (2006)
Adam West: "Running Up That Hill" (1994)
Hayley Westenra: "Wuthering Heights" (2003)
John Whiffin and Jacqui McShee: "Army Dreamers" (1997)
White Flag: "Wuthering Heights" (1992)
Kathryn Williams: "This Woman's Work"
Within Temptation: "Running Up That Hill" (studio version (2004), live Edison Awards (Amsterdam) (2003))
Patrick Wolf: "Running Up That Hill"
Jah Wurzel (Morgan Fisher: "Wuthering Heights" (1979)
Zenima: "Domani Dimenticherai" ("The Man With the Child In His Eyes") (Italian) (1998)
The Zoltan Kodaly School for Girls: "Hounds Of Love"

Any recommendations?

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My friend Zan, who introduced me to Kate years and years ago, was in a Kate Bush cover band in middleshcool. :)


The Puppini Sister's version of WH is pretty entertaining. I like it. A bit kooky, but they're kinda like a modern version of The Andrews Sisters.

Thanks, I'll check that out :o)

I can thoroughly recommend Faith and the Muse's version of RutH
And can thoroughly condemn as ill concieved the blue pearl version of the same

Blue Pearl who did "Can you feel the passion"?

Thanks for the list! I'm tickled at the thought of Kiki and Herb doing Kate Bush songs.

I think I would avoid:

The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain: "Wuthering Heights" (????)

Claudia Brucken and Andrew Poppy: "Running Up That Hill" (2005)

this one is beautiful!

Swedish artist the field samples "Under Ice" in one of his tracks, I forget which one...

I would never have even heard Kate Bush if it hadn't been for Pat Benatar's cover of "Wuthering Heights". It's on "Crimes of Passion". I also like White Flag's punk version, but it's kind of freaky.

Jane Birkin: "Mother Stands For Comfort" (2006)
This is a splendid cover, well worth hearing.

Happy Rhodes has covered a few Kate Bush songs, and they are simply incredible. Check this out:
And Dream of Sheep (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmxM6Rjx2u4)

don't forget Kate's Bush!!


we do a great "and dream of sheep" cover!

Placebo's Running Up That Hill is very inspiring.

Kate Myspace


ktbush tribute page

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