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300 Kate Bush impersonators performing Heathcliffe in a park.

(no subject)
I'm seeing some great concert reviews, and am totally envious of the people who managed to get tickets.

50 words for snow
little mermaid swoon
50 WORDS FOR SNOW... streaming now.....wear your mittens....http://www.npr.org/2011/11/13/142133269/first-listen-kate-bush-50-words-for-snow#playlist

Suzi Q
They call you an animal...Collapse )http://disconaivete.com/post/11268806108

Kate icons!
mrs slocombe
Here are some Kate icons! :)


Cheery bye, Scarlett

Interview - NPR's 'The World Cafe`'
Kate chats about Director's Cut (20 min., 49 s.):


A new Kate interview!
I got this Will Hodgkinson Times interview via Toronto's Globe and Mail. "Back before Gaga and Beyoncé, there was Kate Bush" is a great title!

“She was the first female singer that wasn’t a songstress,” says Lindsay Kemp, the legendary dancer, actor and mime artist who taught David Bowie and Bush, and who was a key influence on her. “Much as I adored Dusty [Springfield], Kate was something else; a chameleon, really, and very cultured, with a great imagination.”

It is 33 years since Bush, with her debut single Wuthering Heights, became the first woman to have a U.K. No. 1 hit with a self-written song. Now she is emerging ever so slightly from her castle of domesticity in Berkshire co-habited by her guitarist husband, Danny McIntosh, and her 12-year-old son Bertie, for the first time in six years with a reworking of two of her albums. And she has agreed to talk about it.

Director’s Cut revisits The Sensual World from 1989 and The Red Shoes from 1993, either rerecording the songs entirely or tweaking them into new forms. She won’t do an interview in person, and she will talk only about the new album; any questions straying toward the personal will be ignored. But with Bush you take whatever you are given. So the first question is: why would someone so forward thinking and original want to go over old ground? “I’d wanted to revisit some of the songs from these two albums for a while now,” she replies. “I think there were some quite interesting songs on there, and I wanted to see how I could make them sound at this point in time. I’ve tried to allow the songs to breathe more by stripping a lot of the production out and lengthening some sections, but keeping the best performances from the original tracks.”

You can’t imagine Bush looking back much. “I don’t listen to my old stuff very often at all,” she confirms. “But when I’ve heard bits and pieces from these albums I felt some of it sounded a bit dated, some of it a bit cluttered. I approached them as if they were newly written songs. To me it sounds like a new album.”

Rubberband girl
le samourai - delon
Director's cut seems like a mix to me. Some revisions vastly improve the original song, or bring out a different element. Some are just nice because of different (better) instrumentation or mixing. This Woman's Work particularly strikes me as something that, while not replacing the original, may outshine it in the long term.

But...Rubberband Girl, I just don't understand. The new instrumentation is okay, but the lead vocal is completely muddled and the backing vocals stripped away.

I can't fathom why she would pick to use THIS version over, say, restoring Why Should I Love You? Is it just personal taste--are there folks out there who enjoy it?

Anyways, I really have enjoyed listening to the new record, and hope every else it as well!

'Director's Cut' -- NPR First Listen
The site should have this up until the CD's US release May 23rd:


New Kate album coming in May! :D
Babylon 5: Ivanova
 From the BBC:

Kate Bush 'delight' over James Joyce track

Singer Kate Bush has been given the green light to use text from James Joyce's Ulysses in a song - more than 20 years after first requesting it.

The reclusive performer had wanted to use the words of Joyce's character Molly Bloom for the title track of her 1989 album The Sensual World.

But she was refused and had to write her own lyrics for the track.

Now Bush, 52, has re-recorded the song - renamed Flower of the Mountain - with Joyce's own words.

"I am delighted I have had the chance to fulfil the original concept," she said.

The track will be included in Bush's forthcoming album Director's Cut, a collection of reworked songs from her Sensual World and Red Shoes albums.

"When I came to work on this project I thought I would ask for permission again and this time they said yes," she added.

Another track from The Sensual World, Deeper Understanding, now features the voice of her son Albert and is being released as a single.

The video for the track includes an appearance from comic Noel Fielding, who recently mimicked Bush on BBC One's Let's Dance For Comic Relief.

Director's Cut is released on 16 May. Bush's last album, Aerial, was released in 2005.