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New Kate album coming in May! :D
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 From the BBC:

Kate Bush 'delight' over James Joyce track

Singer Kate Bush has been given the green light to use text from James Joyce's Ulysses in a song - more than 20 years after first requesting it.

The reclusive performer had wanted to use the words of Joyce's character Molly Bloom for the title track of her 1989 album The Sensual World.

But she was refused and had to write her own lyrics for the track.

Now Bush, 52, has re-recorded the song - renamed Flower of the Mountain - with Joyce's own words.

"I am delighted I have had the chance to fulfil the original concept," she said.

The track will be included in Bush's forthcoming album Director's Cut, a collection of reworked songs from her Sensual World and Red Shoes albums.

"When I came to work on this project I thought I would ask for permission again and this time they said yes," she added.

Another track from The Sensual World, Deeper Understanding, now features the voice of her son Albert and is being released as a single.

The video for the track includes an appearance from comic Noel Fielding, who recently mimicked Bush on BBC One's Let's Dance For Comic Relief.

Director's Cut is released on 16 May. Bush's last album, Aerial, was released in 2005.



Oops, my bad :(

Sorry about accidentally posting my poem to the communities that have nothing to do with poetry, or the form I was using.

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Sew it up - you're dragging your dress again.
Cinch it up - it's falling apart in the wrong places.
Draw it up - make your intentions plain.
Dry it up - martyrs have no production values.
Tear it up- they could never hold you to it.
Soak it up - you're a paper tiger now.
Live it up - somebody will buy it.
Shake it up - it's anybody's paradigm for the next 15 minutes.
Talk it up - TelePrompTers are cheap.
Lift it up - it's walking too fast for you to stand.
Even it up - it's too precious for them to keep.

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Spinner article -- anybody see this?

Sounds like her very next CD will find her revisiting her catalogue circa 1989-93.

She's supposedly also been writing some new songs, but we're going to have to wait a while longer on them...

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I was just listening to somafm's covers station and heard an absolutely beautiful piano cover of Running Up The Hill by Vika Yermolyeva.

New Kate in '11
NME: Kate Bush set to release new material this year

Spokesperson says a release should be expected, but maybe not a full album

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Theo Bleckmann covers Kate Bush
Happy new year to everyone! Just came across this recording and wanted to share. Bleckmann has an incredible voice. Enjoy!

YouTube version:

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A few Kate icons over here! :)


Enjoy! Cheery bye, Scarlett

So Kate, who were you really singing about?
kate ♪ gorgeous
It was one of pop's enduring mysteries: who was Kate Bush singing about in her early smash 'The Man With The Child In His Eyes'?

Three decades after the song helped turn Bush into a star, we've finally been put out of our misery.

For reasons best known to himself, the boyfriend who inspired the 1978 hit has decided now is the perfect moment to 'out' himself.

Steve Blacknell, a former TV host who still lives in Bush's home town of East Wickham, Kent, says the lyrics were written when he and the 'Wuthering Heights' star were in the first flush of youthful romance.

"She was my first true love," said Blacknell. "All I really knew about her was that she wrote songs, played the piano and lived in a lovely house with an equally lovely family."

This is more of a bombshell than you might think. Bush devotees have long assumed 'The Man With The Child In His Eyes' was addressed to Pink Floyd guitarist Dave Gilmour, who produced the track and the accompanying album The Kick Inside.

However, Blacknell says someone 'very close' to Bush has told him he's the 'man' in question.

As a token of her affection, he says, the young Bush even sent him the original handwritten lyrics, penned in pink and with circles instead of dots over the 'i's (which he's 'er put up for auction for £10,000).

"She had her heart set on becoming a global star and I was going to be a flash DJ," he recalled. "When I first heard her music I thought, 'Oh my God'. It made my soul stand on end. I realised I was in love with a genius."


Under the Ivy
just started reading the Kate Bush bio, Under the Ivy. enjoying it so far, has anyone else read? what do you think?


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