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Suzi Q
riotgrrlhotel wrote in gaffa
As anyone who listened to my ranting will tell you, I was somewhat on
the disappointed side with Kate's earlier release this year, "Director's
Cut".  And by disappointed, I mean furious at forking over my hard
earned $30 for what was, in essence, a beautifully-packaged disc of Kate
doing what sounded like badly-processed karaoke to a couple of tracks
from two older albums. She had supposedly "wanted to revisit some of the
tracks" - well, it didn't sound like the songs were too keen on her
dropping by. It was a mess, aurally and conceptually, and the whole
thing reeked of a quick money grab from a fan-base that would buy "My
best bathtub farts 1988 - 1994". So instead of being overjoyed when a
NEW new album was being announced for November, I was a little
trepidatious. However, I've had 'Wild Man' on repeat for the last half
an hour and it's a genuine grower. I think Kate has come to terms with
the fact that forty years of smoking (tobaccy AND hash) has changed her
voice immensely, and 'Wild Man' allows for this. And the chorus is
beautiful, I heard a touch of 'December Will Be Magic Again' - one of my
all time favourite KB tracks-  and a little bit of the laid-back rhythm
of 'King of The Mountain.' So I'm going to allow myself to be
officially excited now. And maybe the lyrics will clarify whether she's
singing about llamas or lamas. Have a listen, tell me what you think.

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This is quite nice. I know she likes analogue but I wish she'd use digital, it just sounds better.

I got "The URL you requested could not be found" when I clicked on that link -- I guess you have to have a Facebook account to hear the new song there. :-\

Luckily, I found another review with a YouTube clip of the song embedded in it:

Loving this track already -- Kate never ceases to amaze me. :)

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